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I did a poll on my instagram asking you what your favorite song of mine was, and 95% of the answers were I Love You, so I thought I could start by telling you the story behind this song.


I wrote “I Love You” when I lived in the north of Norway writing music for 6 weeks in my great grandmother's old house.  One day I hadn't been writing any songs at all, so I went hiking to try to get some inspiration. When I came home again, I wrote the first draft of “I Love You” in 20 minutes.

I wanted to put the feeling of being very happily in love, into a song.

It feels very personal to let you in on the songwriting process - just because it is a process with both really bad ideas, and sometimes some good ones. But below is my worksheet for the song I Love You.


In this process, I also figured out how difficult it is to write a happy love song without using all the clichés. But I guess, when you’re in love, you are a little silly - so then it is ok.

It can also sometimes be hard to write the lyrics after the melody is finished, because then all the new words have to fit the melody, rhyme and have the right amount of syllables, which sometimes makes it feel like a puzzle🧩. 



This is what I came up with after my alarm went off after writing a song in 20 minutes. As you can hear - the lyrics here have a different angle to the version I ended up with.


They are all about all the weird things I don’t know or understand, and that there is only one thing I know - that I love you. These were the lyrics that came up in the time that I had, and as they are not very poetic, I changed them later.

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This is the rough mix for I Love You that I made in 30 minutes to show my mix engineer approximately what I wanted. His version ended up dreamier and with more reverb than mine.


I love how he gave life to the song.

I Love You rough mixMIRIEL
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The background of this website, is a pattern from one of my favorite dresses. I bought it in a vintage shop when I lived in Copenhagen studying singing. Tomorrow there will be another pattern from another one of my favorite dresses. 

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