Welcome to the last day of this welcome series. Today I'm going to talk about the last track of my coming album, and you will get to hear this unreleased song before everyone else. Thank you so much for following me this far. I wish you the most beautiful days and weeks ahead!



I worked with a producer on this one - and it is a little metal-inspired, especially the ending. I like a lot of the stuff here - but we never finished it, and I never got to do the final vocal take.

Still In My Mind - Demo 2 2017MIRIEL
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This is a secret… But even though this is the last track of the album, I actually wrote this song a few years back, inspired by a poem I had made. But just like I Wonder, this song has been on a long journey, and it wasn’t before I started this album project that I found it’s place. It wasn’t until I was left, that I really could relate to the lyrics. Now they make so much sense to me, so I decided to make it the last song.


This has also happened to me before - that I’ve written a song, and it's not until something happens that it really starts to mean a lot to me and I can relate to it a lot more. Sometimes it can feel like I was meant to write a song for a future me - so that later, I have that song to comfort me. It is almost like magic.


I made a demo of this some years back - before I had started producing or mixing. When I did this vocal take I had a bad cold, as you can probably hear. In the finished version on the album, I actually kept a lot of the same ideas as in the demo, and I reuse some of the eerie backing vocals. But as you can hear - I have also changed some of the lyrics. And to be honest - it is embarrassing to show you, because it was never meant for someone to listen to, but instead just be a place where I could put all of my ideas. But I wanted to show it to you anyway so that you could see the songwriting journey.

Still In My Mind Demo 1, 2015MIRIEL
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This is the finished song, and it is not yet released, so it is exclusively for you to listen to.


From a mountain top on this island

My childhood bedroom where I made the first demo of

Still in my Mind.

Today's background is the pattern from one of my jackets that I bought in a vintage shop in Liverpool.

This is my family’s cabin where I wrote “Still In My Mind”. This is an island in the south of Norway, where I grew up.


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